Multi-Purpose Oil Resistant Hose

A superior quality oil resistant air and water hose that has excellent coupling retention and kink resistance. This hose is electrically non-conductive with a resistance of 1 megohm per inch at 1000 volts DC. Meets RMA class A oil resistance, per ASTM D-471. 4:1 Design factor. Parker Series 7094

Multi-Purpose Oil Resistant Hose Features

  • Tube: Black Nitrile
  • Cover: Black or Red Neoprene
  • Reinforcement: Multiple Textile Sprials
  • Temp. Range: -20° F to +212° F
  • Branding: PARKER SERIES 7094 MPT II XX" ID XXX PSI XXX MAX WP Electrically Non-Conductive MADE IN USA
  • Brand Description: Ink Brand - White letters