Heavy Wall Wire-Yarn Reinforced Vacuum/Pressure Hose

Crystal clear PVC compound reinforced with high tensile yarns and helically-wound spring steel wire. The inner food contact surface is made with PVC compound formulated with ingredients in compliance with applicable FDA requirements, meets USDA, 3A, NSF and RoHS criteria. Sizes range from 1/2" to 2". Max. Working Pressure at 70F: 1/2" is 250PSI. 3/4" and 1" is 225PSI. 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" is 175PSI. 2" is 150PSI. Max. Working Pressure at 122F: 1/2" is 125PSI. 3/4" and 1" is 112PSI. 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" is 87PSI. 2" is 75PSI.

Heavy Wall Wire-Yarn Reinforced Vacuum/Pressure Hose Features

Wire helix reinforcement prevents kinking or collapsing...hose diameter will not expand under normal rated working pressures. 29.9" Hg vacumm rating @ 70F. Electrogalvanized helical steel wire can be used for static dissipation (Properly Grounded). Yarn reinforcement provides higher working pressure. Heavy duty construction prevents hose O.D. from expanding and I.D. from collapsing. Crystal clear-allows visual confirmation of product flow Glass-smooth interior-reduces material buildup. Inner contact surface material is NSF certified for food applications (standard 51) and drinking water (standard 61). It also meets other criteria such as 3A and USDA. Self-extinguishing. Non-marking. Non-toxic. Silicone-free.

Heavy Wall Wire-Yarn Reinforced Vacuum/Pressure Hose Applications

Pressure and vacuum applications which require excellent kink resistance. Ideal for applications which require the hose to withstand both high vacumm and pressure. Water transfer. Liquid food transfer. Service Temperature Range: +15F (-9C) to +150F (+65C).