King Safety Cables

When hose, couplings or clamps fail, or there is an accidental seperation of the assembly, King safety cables minimize damage to equipment and injuries to operators. King safety cable reaches across the hose fittings to provide standby safety for hose. Spring-loaded loops in the cable ends open easily to pass over the couplings for a firm grip on the hose. Thoroughly tested with years of service. A positive safeguard for air hose connections-helps you meet today's safety standards. King safety clamps must be installed in the extended position (no slack). Cable:1/8" Hose I.D.:1/2" to 1 1/4" Length:20 1/4". Cable:3/16" Hose I.D.:1/2" to 2" Length:28". Cable:1/4" Hose I.D.:1 1/2" to 3" Length:38" Cable:3/8" Hose I.D.:4" Length:44"