Sizes range from 1/8" to 1" inch. Construction: Elastromeric core, fiber reinforcement, abrasion-resistant special PFX cover. All layers bonded for optimum kink resistance and flexibility. High density braid for maximum impulse life without loss of flexibility. Standard cover is orange, non perforated. Temperature Range: -40F to 212F (-40C to +100C) except limited to +135F (+57C) for synthetic hydraulic fluids and water based fluids. Fittings: 51 Series 55 Series Meets SAEJ517 for less than 50 microamps leakage under 75000 volts per ft. Meets or exceeds SAE 100R7 specifications and Ontario Hydro electrical standards. Complies with ANSI A92.2 for vehicle-mounted aerial devices.

518C Applications

Medium pressure hydraulic service where both reusable and permanent couplings are desired. For hydraulic circuits and systems found on utility vehicles and equipment where exposure and contact with high voltage may be encountered.