Crescent Top Belt

Color: Black. Thickness: 1/4" and 5/16". Covers: 1/8" Crescent Shapes X FS. Temperature Range: 0-180F. Min. Pulley Diameter: 1/4" thick-3", and 5/16" thick-4". Pounds Per Inch Width: 1/4" thick-.075 lbs. and 5/16" thick-.113 lbs. Working Tension Per Inch Width: 1/4" thick-120 lbs. and 5/16" thick-200lbs. Belt Fastners Used: Flexco Hinged 1/4" thick-#125, 5/16" thick-#187; Clipper Lace 1/4" thick-#1, 5/16" thick-#4; Alligator Lace 1/4" thick-#7, 5/16" thick #27.

Crescent Top Belt Features

Aggresive scoop pattern for high incline conveying. Crescent pattern creates hundreds of tiny "buckets" capable of conveying liquids along with solids. Conversely, the belt can be run in THE opposite direction, and the upside-down crescents convey solids while draining off liquids. Belt operates smoothly and quietly on the return. Good tubeveyor belt.